HMD Connect Pro — data SIM management solution for enterprises

With connectivity across more than 180 countries and over 600 networks, HMD Connect Pro means keeping your business connected from nearly anywhere in the world. HMD Global’s enterprise connectivity solutions will be underpinned by the renowned Nokia WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) technology. Nokia WING is an advanced managed connectivity service that allows operators and IoT MVNOs to support their enterprise customers with IoT connectivity and management on a global scale that works across all borders, networks, and use cases. [...]

Компания Nokia презентовала два кнопочных 4G-телефона Nokia 105 и Nokia 110 — Актуальные новости — периодическое издание о событиях в мире

Финская компания HMD Global, занимающаяся созданием и продажей устройств под брендом Nokia, презентовала два кнопочных телефона Nokia 105 4G и Nokia 110 4G. [...]