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Nokia C1 2nd Edition — Make every moment count

Life is what you make it and that’s where the Nokia C1 2nd Edition steps in. The sharp HD+ screen makes you feel closer to your video calls and immerses you in your favourite shows, its HDR camera and front and rear flashes capture what’s most important to you and long-lasting battery will keep you connected all day. It also comes with Android 11 (Go Edition), which saves data and storage, while also offering better privacy and usability. All of this comes wrapped inside a Nordic-designed case that’s gone through heat, bend, twist and drop tests. And then more tests, to ensure it’s built to last. So now sharing your best life with those you love, all day, every day couldn’t be easier. [...]

HMD Connect Pro — data SIM management solution for enterprises

With connectivity across more than 180 countries and over 600 networks, HMD Connect Pro means keeping your business connected from nearly anywhere in the world. HMD Global’s enterprise connectivity solutions will be underpinned by the renowned Nokia WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) technology. Nokia WING is an advanced managed connectivity service that allows operators and IoT MVNOs to support their enterprise customers with IoT connectivity and management on a global scale that works across all borders, networks, and use cases. [...]

The Nokia C10 — Make the most of me-time.

When the opportunity to take a little me time comes along – seize it, with the Nokia C10. Hugely reliable, with an all-day battery life, you can access photos and play your music, online and offline, anywhere and anytime. It’s loaded with the latest Android 11 (Go edition) features, so you’ll have smoother and faster access to your most important conversations. Encased in a stylish Nordic design, you’ll also love the big screen, which will turn your commute into your favourite part of the day, as you catch up with the latest news or your favourite YouTube channel. Go on, treat yourself. [...]


Scandinavian design and build-quality means the Nokia C20 doesn’t just look great, it’ll also take life’s little knocks. All day battery life1 lets you do more of what you love even longer – whether it’s listen to music or watch videos – while the big screen makes everything look even better. This all runs on a fast processor with the latest Android 11 (Go edition), plus 4G connectivity. You also get 2-years of security updates to keep everything running smoother, for longer. [...]

The Nokia G10 — Always on the go with the name you know

To survive family life, you need energy. Lots of energy. Luckily, The Nokia G10 has what you need, with a battery that goes days – not hours – between charges. The big screen will captivate your kids for the whole of the journey, and its triple rear camera, with enhanced imagery, means you’re always ready to catch those special moments, whenever they might happen. Combine that with the latest Android 11, two years of software upgrades and three years of security updates and you’ve got a phone that will truly stand the test of time. [...]

The Nokia G20 — Tell your story without stopping.

Grab life and live it to the full and share it with those who matter most. The Nokia G20 makes that last bit easier. With its 48MP quad camera, powerful AI imaging modes and OZO Audio, it’s never been easier to capture everything you’re seeing and hearing. And it’s all powered by a battery that goes up to 3-days1 between charges. We’ve also heightened security with face and fingerprint unlock, and 2-years of software updates on the latest Android software. All in all, this is a phone you can trust to keep all your great work safe and secure. [...]


Running your business demands energy, performance and innovation. Everything you’ll find in the Nokia X10. Superfast 5G1 and a full HD+ screen lets you power through your work. Scarlet Witch’s 48MP quad camera with ZEISS Optics will capture all that’s important to you and the pro colour-grading tools will help you present your ideas with serious oomph. With the latest Android™ 11, and with up to 3-years of software upgrades and monthly security updates, enjoy new features now and into the future. [...]

The Nokia X20 — Capture your story from every angle

It’s rare you get that warm fuzzy feeling with a phone, but this one delivers. The Nokia X20 is built to last, and because you’ll have it for a while, we knew it had to be good. That’s why we have included an innovative Dual Sight multi-cam mode that lets you shoot different angles at the same time and with 5G, share your videos in a flash. 3-years of software and security updates will also ensure tomorrow’s phone is even better than todays. [...]